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I have made this page for my personal use and to refer people to my articles - mostly from Counterpunch, and mostly on the Israel-Palestine conflict. It has no pretensions to any other sort of value.

Most of my more recent pieces are (only) on my blog: Insufficient Respect .


Getting Kofi Annan for Free
Syria: Which Devil?
Reply to Hassan Hassan
Deadly Ambiguities
Patrick Seale, The FAZ and the Houla Massacre

Other articles: Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, US and UK Politics

Israelis and Indians
Bleats of Dissent
What is Antisemitism?
Los Angeles Times op-ed which reformulates my views. The title was not my choice. Free registration is required, but the piece is mirrored at Counterpunch.
In related matter, here is a reply to the Canadian Jewish Congress concerning objections to material which appeared on the Jewish Tribal Review web site.
Here is a reply to criticisms provoked by an article posted on the site of the American Jewish Committee.
What's So Bad about Israel?
Protect Me from My Friends: Pro-Palestinian Activists and the Palestinians
To: Christians. Re: Activism and the Israel/Palestine Conflict
Demonstrating a Genteel Reticence
Moral Equivalence
Who Hates Ya, Baby? The Baffling Patriotism of Daniel Pipes
Blame Yourself: American Power and Jewish Power
Nonviolence, Its Histories and Myths
A Plea for Hysteria
Now What?
Has Islam Failed?
This html version preserves the original formatting, which could not be used on the Counterpunch site.
Warfare, Stuff Happening, and Terrorism
Anti-Americanism: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Michael Ignatieff: Apostle of He-Manitarianism
One State or Two? A False Dilemma
How Not to Win Friends and Influence People
This piece on the US-Israel alliance was commissioned but is posted here at least until the commissioning site makes use of it.
A Happy Compromise: Hate Crime Reporting in the Toronto Globe and Mail
Three Years and Counting? How Time Flies
David Remnick's Arab World (nth position website)
Getting in Touch with Your Inner Terrorist: How We Became Barbarians
Strategies in Palestine: A Shrinking Pie in the Sky
A Study in Dogma: The Palestinians and the Party Line
Respectful Cultures and Disrespectful Cartoons: East Meets West
The Israel Lobby and Beyond
Examining the Israel Lobby: review of Petras, Walt and Mearsheimer, for Journal of Palestine Studies
review of Yakov Rabkin, Jewish Opposition to Zionism
Cut and Run
Just Plain Folk (review of the CBC's Little Mosque on the Prairie

The following are texts relating to the 'one-state-two-state debate'. I argue that the single state strategy, the pursuit of a secular state in all of Palestine, is not a live option. The first text attacks specific formulations of that strategy. The next text is a general attack, followed by three critiques and my reply.

Two States, One State, and Snake Oil
The One State Illusion: More is Less. This also appeared in the print version of Counterpunch, January 2008.
Kathy Christison: One State or Two? The Debate over Israel and Palestine
Jonathan Cook: One State or Two? Neither: The Issue is Zionism
Assaf Kfoury: One State or Two States? Sterile Debate on False Alternatives
Reply to my critics
Proportion and Distortion: Russia and Georgia
Remove Our Grandmother's Name from the Wall at Yad Vashem. Two short letters to the President of the State of Israel and the Director of the Yad Vashem Memorial. One of the letters is by my brother Osha.
Not with a Bang but a Simper. This assesses the status of 'English liberty', American 'freedom', and European civil rights. It appeared in New Humanist, Volume 124 number 3, May-June 2009.
Fearsome Words? A suppressed talk on the Israel/Palestine conflict.
Israel and Its Neighbors: Leveling the Playing Field.
book review of Yves Engler's Canada and Apartheid
Margaret Atwood and Her Prize.
The 'Corrupt Betrayers' of the Palestinian People.
General Amidror's Gift.
After Palestine's Statehood Bid: Resolutions and "solutions".

My version of a 'Road Map' - from the print edition of Counterpunch, November 2006

My book, The Case against Israel, is available from Counterpunch and Amazon.

a review of my book by Gilles D'Aymery
Hit and Run: Guerrilla Reviewing (about a phantom review of my book)
This article, The Core of Zionism, is an excerpt from the book.

Here are some comments on a piece by Nick Cohen of the New Stateman concerning Ted Honderich and his views on terror and the Middle East. In some respects my views are not those of Professor Honderich, but the flaws in Cohen's accusations may be of some general interest.

Here are the links I use most often in discussion or in researching the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Robin Miller's Research Guide to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict (published by Jews for Justice in the Middle East).

On negotiations, I use

Shedding some light on Barak's "Generous Offers"...
The Day Barak's Bubble Burst
Dr. Ron Pundak, "From Oslo to Taba: What Went Wrong?"

see also this map:

Palestinian Sovereign Areas according to the Barak/Sharon Proposals - 2001

and other material on the same site.

I have also benefited from:

Norman Finkelstein's web site

which provides a useful summary of contentious points at

Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Introduction to German edition (10 July 2002)

and from Gideon Levy's writings:

Articles on Zmag